2019 — Irvine, CA/US

The 2019 OCSL Fall Open Tournament

Saturday November 9th, 2019

Saddleback High School

2802 S Flower St, 

Santa Ana, CA 92707




Dear OCSL students, coaches, and members, 


On behalf of the newly elected OCSL executive committee we are excited to invite you to our 2019 OCSL Fall Open Tournament. You will find on the following pages several key points of information including location, schedule, registration, fees, & more. Please read through carefully. Registration will open Tuesday, October 22nd at 6pm PST. 



The OSCL Executive Committee



1 - Date, Location, & Food


Our tournament will take place on Saturday, November 9th, 2019. The tournament will be hosted at Saddleback High School. Please click here for Google Map directions. We will provide more information on parking as the date approaches. Food will be provided free of charge for all students and judges. 


2 - Schedule


We have made a few adjustments to the schedule this year to maximize efficiency. Please keep a close eye as we want to run on time.  Note policy will have a separate schedule this year from debate.


    Debate, Speech, & Congress


7:15am-7:45 am - Registration

8:00am - Round 1 - Debate

9:30am - Round 1 - Speech & Congress

11:00am - Round 2 - Debate

12:30pm - Round 2 - Speech & Congress

2:00pm - Round 3 - Debate

3:30pm - Round 3 - Speech & Congress

5:00pm - Finals in Speech & Debate

6:45pm - Awards


      Policy Debate Schedule


8:30 – Round 1

10:30 – Round 2

12:30 – Lunch

1:30 – Round 3

3:15 - Final Round

6:45 pm - Awards


3 - Registration 


Registration will open on Tuesday, October 26th at 6:00pm and close on Monday, November 4th. Congress Legislation will be posted on Friday, October 25th.  Debaters will be using the official NSDA November/December topics in LD, PF, and Policy. In PF we will be using the new NSDA times for prep time and summaries. However, debates will remain sidelocked. We will offer the following events in speech & debate:  


4 - Fees & Judges


We will charge $7 per individual person for entry fees. For example, if you are in an IE or Debate format that requires one person that fee will be $7 a head. If your IE or Debate requires two persons that respective fee will be $14.  There is a school fee of $20. We also included OCSL member dues as an added option on your invoice if you would like to pay those at this time. Checks may be payable to the OCSL. 


In terms of judges we implore you to meet your individual requirements. In debate 1 judge is owed per 4 entries and in speech 1 judge is owed per 6 entries. OCSL coaches you often if always are needed to manage the logistics, tab, and running of the tournament BUT this year we have a professional staff that helps with that; therefore, we would like every high school coach to place themselves as a judge.  We are hiring 20 college competitors to judge through Hired Judge. We want solid judges in the pool and with high school coaches judging we will accomplish that goal.


5 - Contact


If you have any questions or concerns please email a member of the OCSL executive board or the tab director for this tournament Gabe Rusk at grusk@fairmontschools.com