Oak Hill Policy and Congress within Willamette Valley Classic

2019 — Eugene, OR/US

This year Oak Hill School's Purely Policy and Congressional Debate tournament will take place on Saturday, November 23, under the umbrella of the Willamette Valley Classic; all other speech and debate events will be held at South Albany High School (see the separate Tabroom listing for full details).

Once again, we hope to offer three divisions in Policy Debate:  Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Novice.  We will only collapse JV into Varsity if absolutely necessary (or to achieve Alt Qual status, if that becomes possible).  We will fully protect the Novice division (which will operate under Oregon's novice case areas and rules).

Please see the full tournament invitation for complete details.  As you register your teams, please note that we will initially limit the number of entries per school/per division to two.  The tournament has an overall entry limit of 32 policy teams (total for all divisions).  If you would like to enter more than two teams in a division (or more than six teams in the tournament), please contact the tournament directors ASAP.  [NOTE: Once we reach the 32-team limit, we will have to suspend further registration, but we will maintain a waitlist.]

As in the past, the Policy Debate portion of the tournament will use a round robin format (unless the number of entries dictates otherwise in a given division).  We plan to offer five preliminary rounds for all competitors, plus hold one break round for at least two teams in each division (unless the number of entries dictates otherwise in a given division).

In Congressional Debate, we will have one legislative chamber with a limit of 20 competitors.  At least initially, we will limit entries to four from any single school.  If you would like to enter more competitors in Congress, please contact the tournament directors.

If you are able to bring more experienced and qualified Policy Debate judges than required by your number of entries, we are prepared to waive a portion of your entry fees.  If you need to hire judges, we may be able to assist, but we cannot guarantee it.  In either situation, please contact the tournament directors.  [NOTE: For each entry in Congressional Debate, we are asking that you provide a judge who can cover three rounds of at least Novice or JV Policy Debate.]

[NOTE regarding meals/snacks:  Oak Hill's campus is somewhat isolated (at least in terms of proximity to restaurants). We will be contacting all registered teams a week or so before the tournament to finalize details about lunch options. To avoid losing money (which happened last year), be aware that we may go with a binary choice of either bring-your-own or pre-ordered lunches...we are still working out those details.]