Colt Classic

2019 — Coral Springs, FL/US

Welcome to the 2019 annual Colt Classic! We are excited to host you on December 7th. Our team and parents are hard at work to provide you with an outstanding experience!

Events: We are pleased to offer outstanding competition in Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Congress, Big Questions Debate, Original Oratory, Extemporaneous Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation, and Informative Speaking.

Rounds: There will be 4 rounds of competition across Speech and Debate. Congress will have 3 preliminary sessions.

Judges: In order to run a smooth and efficient tournament, we will need you to provide 1 judge for every 5 IE entries (including Congress) and 1 judge for every 2 debate entries (per event) or any fraction thereof.

Entry fee: Entry fees will be $20.00 per competitor (so $40.00 per entry in PF and Duo). Your speech competitors can double enter for no additional charge!

Deadlines: Entries will be accepted through Monday, December 2 at 5:00pm.  After the entry deadline, all drops and changes will need to be emailed to After the deadline has passed, any drops will forfeit their entry fee. On Friday any drops will be assessed the entry fee plus a $10.00 penalty. Drops the day of or during the tournament will forfeit the entry fee plus a $25.00 penalty.

Meals: All meal prices for competitors are included in the entry fee. Judge meal fees are $7.00 per judge. Vegetarian options will be available.

Registration: Registration will begin promptly at 7:00am on Saturday, December 7th in the Coral Springs High School Media Center. Registration will close at 7:45am.

Congress: All Congress Legislation should be emailed to by Friday, November 29th at 3 p.m.. Every effort will be made to publish legislation that evening. 

Extemp Topics: US Politics and Society; US Economy; International Hotspots; Grab Bag