PLD Invitational Tournament

2019 — Lexington, KY/US


Dear Coaches and Students:

You are cordially invited to the Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Invitational Tournament! Our team is excited to host you all. This year our tournament will be held on the University of Kentucky campus!  We hope to see you all in Lexington, KY at the University of Kentucky on Saturday, November 9th.



We will be offering all KHSSL speech events.  Please visit the KHSSL handbook for rules. In addition to the speaking events, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy and Congress debate will be offered. Please note that any category that does not have a minimum of 6 entries may be dropped from the competition. If this occurs, you will be notified and you be able to relocate your students to another event.



We will be offering unlimited entries; however, only the top three scores in each event will count toward sweepstakes. Students may triple in IE, but be aware that we will not hold rounds for a late performer. It is recommended that inexperienced competitors not triple enter. It is also recommended that students enter no more than 2 limited prep events.  With the exception of Congress, students entering debate may only enter ONE debate event. Public Forum, Policy, and Lincoln Douglas competitors will not be permitted to enter IE. Congressional Debate Students may enter ONE IE but be aware that we will not hold rounds for a late performer.  

Although the UK campus is large, the classrooms that are available for use are limited. Due to this the tournament will be flighted. If there are changes to the schedule or flights I will let you know ASAP.


Flight A: BR, DEC, DI, Duo Interp, Ext, IMP, Improv Duo, PO, PR, Story

Flight B: BR, DEC, Ext , HI, INFO, Improv Duo, OO, POI, PR, Story

Flight C: DI, Duo Interp, Ext, HI, IMP, INFO, Improv Duo, OO, PO, POI, BR

Flight D: DEC, DI, Duo Interp, HI, IMP, INFO, OO, PO, POI, Story, PR



Each IE entry will be charged $6 with Duo Interpretation and Improvisational Duo charging $12. Congress & Lincoln-Douglas entries will be $10 while Public Forum & Policy Debate entries will be $20.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the process, please feel free to contact me.  We hope to see you on November 9th!




Neomia Hagans Flores

Head Coach, PLD Speech & Debate

Cell: 606-454-8451