Steve Hunt Classic

2019 — Portland, OR/US

Sunday AM Clearing Teams and Judges. 

Please remember that all judges are committed through two rounds tomorrow. The second elim will be especially tight on judging. 

Junior Advancing Teams


Lewis and Clark GT

Northwest College Wyoming DG—Advances without Debating

Oregon MZ—Advances without Debating

Rice WS—Advances without Debating

Whitman LS


Open Advancing Teams

College Of Idaho BJ—Advances without Debating

Lewis and Clark MT—Advances without Debating

Minnesota BS—Advances without Debating

Minnesota PG—Advances without Debating

Oregon GL

Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley BR—Advances without Debating

Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley MY—Advances without Debating

Rice CS—Advances without Debating

Western Washington AD


LD Semis Teams

Lewis and Clark AK

Lewis and Clark AW

Lewis and Clark JC

Utah CD


AM Judges

Baker Weilert

Chris Miles

David Worth

Jeannie Hunt

Kevin Kunes

Margaret Rockey

Nadia Steck

Robert Becker

Serena Fitzpatrick