2nd Airline Annual Clash of the Vikings

2019 — Bossier City, LA/US

You are invited to the October 2019 2nd Airline Annual Clash of the Vikings!

This is a 1 day only debate tournament on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

The schedule will be as follows:

Round 1 - 8:00am

Round 2 - 9:45am

Round 3 - 11:45am

Round 4 - 1:30pm

Elim Round 1 - 3:30pm

Elim Round 2 - 5:30pm

Elim Round 3 - 7:15pm

*There will be a zero tolerance for verbal, written, or physical discrimination on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, age, gender, physical ability, or any other hostile motive.