Knights Joust Novice at Lone Peak

2019 — Highland, UT/US


Dear Coaches,

I am excited to invite you and your speech and debate teams to kick of the season at  at the Knight’s Joust Novice Tournament at Lone Peak on October 4-5, 2019.  

Please click here for a nice, concise version of  everything you need to know.  If I have left anything out, please contact me at the e-mail address listed in the tournament invitation.

There are a few points I need to emphasize:

(1)  The new NSDA time limits will be used in Public Forum Debate.  Summary speeches are now 3 minutes long, and each team has 3 minutes prep time.  All other times remain the same.  You can click here, to read the NSDA's rule changes for Public Forum Debate.

(2)  Since this is a novice tournament, debaters are required to debate the actual resolution.  That means no progressive arguments in Policy, Public Forum or Lincoln Douglas Debate.  Frameworks in Public Forum Debate are allowed, bun not necessary.


Best Regards,

William Peterson