Parkview Patriot Classic

2019 — Little Rock, AR/US

Welcome to the 2019 Parkview Patriot Classic!


Dates and Location

Congressional Debate Legislation is Due: 4 p.m. October 21

Registration is Due: 6 p.m. October 25


The tournament is held November 1 and 2, 2019 at Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School.

Our school is hosting a robotics competition on Saturday (11/2) and the set up is Friday afternoon.  We all know that Parkview is small, but we will be doing our best to ensure that the tournament is efficient and that all students have a comfortable place to perform in a classroom.  We have some large conference rooms in some LD and PF debates will be held, and some of our rounds will be held in the portable classrooms on our campus.  


Director: Joe Kieklak ( 

Tab Room Director: Chris Flowers (

Drops and Adds After the Deadline

Please communicate these directly to Chris Flowers.  Please note that each drop and add post-deadline is $10.  Name changes are free. Please communicate a dropped student as soon as you know that the student cannot attend.



Trophies for top 3 and medals for all other finalists.


Trophies for all that clear.  Trophies for 3 speakers, and medals for all other finalists.

Junior High

Same as above.


Junior High (any middle school or junior high school), Small School (1A through 5A), and Large School (6A and 7A).


Please bring as many qualified judges as you can, but please cover at least your school’s judging requirements.  “We want your judges, not your money.”

IEs and Congressional Debate

Please bring one judge per every 10 entries.


Please bring one judge per every four entries.

Please mark availability on Tabroom in the judges section of your entry.


High School

All high school NSDA and ACTAA events (including group events) and also radio speaking and dramatic song lyric interpretation will be offered.  We are also offering policy debate, LD, congressional debate, public forum, and big questions.

Junior High

All JH NSDA and ACTAA events and dramatic song lyric interpretation will be offered.  We are also offering a JH section of congressional debate and big questions.

Double Entries

Students may double and triple enter as they would like, but please ensure that your students do not miss their rounds.

Students may only enter one debate event.

General Notes

  • Gender neutral restrooms will be provided in Zone 8, near the band and choir rooms.

  • Please note the need for handicap accessible rooms in Tabroom.  All parts of the building are accessible by ramp.

  • No food may be taken into any classrooms, but food can be consumed elsewhere throughout the building.

  • Please: arrive on campus no earlier than 4 p.m.

  • Event rules are available at

  • Our tournament will use all internet rules and attempt to provide a guest network.  We have been told that this will work by the LRSD IT, but please ensure that your students have a backup plan.

Please contact Joe Kieklak at for further information or to answer any questions.