Collierville Forensics Invitational

2020 — Collierville, TN/US

Collierville Forensics    Dragon Invitational

Dear Coaches and Sponsors,

 Your team is cordially invited to participate in the Collierville Forensics Dragon Invitational on January 25, 2020.

 Competition will be offered for both High School and Middle School competitors in separate sections. Registration will be on

 High School competitors are allowed to triple enter in individual events and middle school competitors are allowed to double in individual events. Students may compete in either Extemporaneous Speaking or TV Broadcasting but not both. Students entered in Public Forum Debate may not enter any other category.

 We ask that you provide one judge for every six individual event entries and one judge for every two public forum debate entries. Missing judges will carry a $25.00 penalty.

This year we are going to change two important things that we need your help in implementing. First, we will be starting our tournament an hour later than normal so please pay attention to the schedule. This is to facilitate easier travel for some of our neighbor schools and to work with other events going on in our school. Second, this year we will be utilizing online balloting. For this reason, we are going to ask that our judges register with and bring a device such as a smart phone or a tablet.

 Concessions will be sold during breakfast and lunch. We ask that you do not leave campus during the tournament in order to allow the schedule to progress.

 We will offer a Hospitality Lounge for judges and coaches where we will serve breakfast and lunch.



Jeff Robbins                                                              Kamille Smith

Director of Forensics                                                  Team President

Collierville High School                                               Collierville Forensics