The FOMO Fear of Missing Out Invitational Fleming Island High

2019 — Fleming Island, FL/US

The F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out) VI and 2nd Annual Fleming Island Golden Eagle Invitational @ Fleming Island High School 

Fleming Island, Florida 

September 6-7, 2019 


Dear Coaches and Forensics Participants: 


Thank you for taking an interest in the Fleming Island Golden Eagle Invitational (a.k.a., The 2019 FOMO Speech & Debate Early Bird Tournament). We are extremely pleased that you have considered joining us this year. The tournament will be held at Fleming Island with competition taking place on Friday, September 6 and Saturday, September 7, 2019.    


We will offer: Policy Debate, World's Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Congressional Debate, Public Forum, Mixed Extemporaneous Speaking (with Cross Examination in the Final Round Only), Informative Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Duo Interpretation, Original Oratory, Declamation, Dramatic Performance (NCFL rules), Oral Interpretation (NCFL Rules), Program Oral Interpretation (NSDA Rules). 


Middle School competitors may enter any High School open division speaking event, and when participating inthose events, will pay the same entry fee as an open division high school student. On Saturday, we will offer“Middle School Only Events” (at a reduced Middle School entry fee) in the following categories: “The Daily Show” (a.k.a., Extemp Commentary), “Just Talk (a.k.a., Expository Speaking), and Reader’s Theater (3-5 players, with a 10-minute max time performance limit). High school students may not compete in or advance in the Middle School Only events. The top five non-advancing middle school competitors in the open division of Impromptu Speaking will compete in their own Middle School Break Out Final Round. 


Novice Break Out Rounds: If entries do not allow stand-alone Novice divisions in Policy & Lincoln Douglas debate, a Novice Semi Final Break Out Round will be held. Competitors may not participate in both Novice Break Out Rounds and the Open Elimination Bracket in the same event.  


Policy, World’s and Public Forum Debaters may double enter in Congressional Debate OR Impromptu Speaking, BUT NOT both (nor any other events). Other competitors in multiple events must be independently responsible forcheck in and competition in all of their rounds (i.e., if double entered, students must get to all events in the time allotted for the round).


Student Congress Bills must be received by the Tournament Director ( by 5:00pm, Wednesday, August 28, 2019. This is a hard deadline, as Congress Packets will be sent via email to all schools who provide bills by the deadline on Thursday, August 29, 2019, prior to the Labor Day holiday weekend.


Individual Events: As this is an Early Bird Tournament (with an emphasis on Novice development), notecards in Impromptu/Extemp and scripts in individual events will be allowed. Judges may, however, consider how the use of notes and/or scripts affects the outcome of round rankings, and may give preference to students without notecards, and/or scripts, at their discretion. The use of notecards and/or scripts in any events shall not automatically equate to the lowest ranking in the round at this tournament. 


We hope you and your team will be able to join us for what promises to be a fantastic weekend on the beautiful campus of this year’s “FOMO” tournament host, Fleming Island High School, coached by Benita Saunders. 




Marna R. Weston, Tournament Director                                  Benita Saunders, Tournament Host                   

Director of Forensics, Oak Hall School                                  Director of Forensics, Fleming Island High 




The 2019 Fleming Island Golden Eagle Invitational in conjunction with the sixth ever-scheduledF.O.M.O. will be held at Fleming Island (FL) High School on Friday, September 6 & Saturday, September 7, 2019. The school address is 2233 Village Square Parkway, Fleming Island, Florida, 32003. 


AWARDS CEREMONY for ALL Events—6:00pm or as soon as possible, Saturday, Sept. 7th, Location TBA

Tournament Fees: 

Policy ​​​​$50.00 per team 

World’s ​​​​$50.00 per team  

PF ​​​​$50.00 per team

LD ​​​​$25.00 per debater 

Congress ​​​$20.00 per debater

Individual Events​​​$20.00 per student, per event (i.e. a duo is two students, $40.00)

Middle School Only” Event​$10.00 per student, per event


Hired Judge Fees  [if schools do not provide judges to cover entries—we want your judges, not your money!]          

Debate Judge​​​$100.00 (One judge covers for up to 2 teams)  

IE Judge​​​​$80.00 (One judge for up to 4 entries) 

“Middle School Only”​​$40.00 (One judge for up to 5 entries) 

Partial judges are not allowed. Judges must be available through finals. Questions please email


Judging Formula:

IE judges

One judge per each 4 Congress or Individual Events or Middle School Only entries, or portion of. (For Example, 4 entries equals 1 IE judge. 6 entries equals 2 IE judges). 

Debate Judges 

Policy Debate-1 judge per 2 teams, or portion of 2 teams. 

LD-1 judge per 2 teams, or portion of 2 teams. 

PF-1 judge per 2 teams, or portion of 2 teams. 

World’s-1 judge per 2 teams, or portion of 2 teams. 


Congressional Debate Open Chamber Philosophy 

Registered students are strongly encouraged to participate in Congress for the entirety of the scheduled proceedings. The chambers should remain in session so that students across multiple events may have ample opportunity to speak(See Chamber Schedule for details).  


Entry Instructions

Entries are via by August 31, Friday. Questions to  Also during tournament text 352-219-7514. Begin text with:  FOMO, date, time, and then message.

Late entries are discouraged and those received after 3:00pm EST on August 31 will be assessed a $40.00 late fee per entry, above and in addition to all other fees. “Day of The Tournament” entries shall not be allowed.

Drops will be accepted without additional penalty up to 12:00pm, Monday, September 2, 2019. Any drops or adds after 5:00pm Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 shall be subject to the original entry fees, the late fee, plus an additional fee of 40.00 per entry.   



Snacks will be available for purchase throughout the weekend. We believe the judges will enjoy our coaches’ hospitality lounge. For students, on Friday night we will have “pizza on the go” and a vegetarian option at the cost of $7.00 per student. Coaches can inform us of how many Friday meals are needed on Tabroom or by contacting Marna Weston ( Lunches on Saturday are available for purchase at the cost of $10.00 per student. It will be a box deli lunch with a ham, turkey, or veggie option. Please indicate meal preference and number of lunches with the entry. Coaches will receive meal tickets at registration. Please encourage your students to treat meal tickets as cash.  



There is no tournament hotel. Call or email if you need recommendations for lodging. Your best deals will come from Expedia, Orbitz, or other readily available web discount travel sites. 



Top Speakers in Debate Events, Top Novice in each open division event, Middle School Events shall be recognized, and appropriate awards based on numbers in each event shall be announced. There shall additionally be Middle School & Varsity Team Sweepstakes awards.


Interpretation and Speech Event Descriptions: 

Dramatic Performance - Students present selections from published plays, screenplays, fictional or non-fictional work that are either serious or humorous in nature. The selections must be memorized with a maximum length of ten minutes. 

Duo Interpretation of Literature - A presentation by two participants of a single selection of literature. Each performer may present one or more characters. Each character should be sufficiently developed and should interact meaningfully with the other characters. The sections must be memorized. Movement should be limited and suggested rather than exaggerated. The maximum length is ten minutes. 


Extemporaneous Speaking - Each student draws three topics on current issues; chooses one and has thirty minutes to prepare a speech of a maximum length of seven minutes. Periodicals or other published materials are permitted in the preparation room. The use of a note card is allowed.


Oral Interpretation of Literature - Students present selections in two categories -- prose and poetry. Each selection must be a maximum of ten minutes in length. The student must hold a manuscript and appear to be reading. The students alternate between rounds of prose and rounds of poetry. 


Oratorical Declamation - Open to students in the ninth or tenth grades only. Students must use a speech or portion of a speech previously given by another person. The speech must be memorized with a maximum length of ten minutes. Notes are allowed.


Original Oratory - Students prepare original orations, usually persuasive or informative on a current topic. Any topic is permissible and any form of oration is permitted. The presentation must be memorized, with a maximum length of ten minutes, but notes are allowed.


Program Oral Interpretation - Using selections from Prose, Poetry and Drama students create a ten-minute performance around a central theme. Program Oral Interpretation is designed to test a student’s ability to inter spliced multiple types of literature into a single, cohesive performance. A manuscript is required and may be used as a prop within the performance if the performer maintains control of the manuscript at all times. Performances can also include an introduction written by the student to contextualize the performance and state the title and the author of each selection.


Impromptu Speaking-A quotation prompt shall be delivered to the speaker by the judge and a seven total minute time count shall begin after the speaker has the chance to read the quotation. The judge should note the time of preparation and the time used speaking on the quotation. A note card is allowed.


Informative Speaking - Students author and deliver a ten-minute speech on a topic of their choosing. Competitors create the speech to educate the audience on a particular topic. All topics must be informative in nature; the goal is to educate, not to advocate. Visual aids are permitted, but not required. The speech is delivered from memory, but notes are allowed


Debate Events—Description/Rules: 

Policy Debate consists of Two Person Teams under the 8-3-5 format with 8 minutes of prep. The National High School Resolution on Arms Sales will be used. Maverick Teams will not advance to elimination rounds.


Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Individual students debating issues of values and philosophy. Lincoln Douglas Students will debate on the September/October topic and must follow all National Speech & Debate Association (formerly NFL) rules. 4 minutes prep. Format 6-3-7-3-4-6-3