Sunshine In My Pocket 4

2019 — Fullerton, CA/US

The Argumentation and Communication Leadership Academy is proud to present our annual summer tournament event: Sunshine In My Pocket 4.

The theme of this tournament is “Pay It Forward.” At this tournament, students will explore how the philosophy of paying it forward impacts our society.

“Pay it forward” is an expression for when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed (

Judges will be encouraged to rank students in pattern B who meet the tournament theme higher. Hint: Say the phrase “Pay it forward” in your introduction.

Tournament will be held at CSU Fullerton

Address: 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831

Park in Lot F off of Nutwood near the Marriott Hotel. Enter campus on Folino Drive, adjacent to Mihaylo Hall. Parking is free on the weekends.

The Sunshine in My Pocket tournament is meant to be an unofficial start to the 2019-2020 season, so students cannot use pieces and speeches performed in the previous school year.

This will be a 1-day competition with events being held on Sunday, August 4.  

In celebration of summer, this tournament will be Hawaiian themed and students should compete in Hawaiian shirts or dresses.