Stratford Novice Fall Invitational

2019 — Milpitas, CA, CA/US

Welcome to the third annual Stratford Schools Novice Tournament! We are excited to be hosting the event in October this year and look forward to hosting a second event in Spring 2020!

This will be a speech & debate tournament. We will have a full day of preliminary rounds for both speech and debate. The following day will include a final preliminary round and then the elimination rounds. We will do at least a quarter, semi, and final, but may expand to octo if we have enough entrants.

High school freshman will be allowed if they have no prior debate experience, all middle school students welcome.

Fees will be $40/student (so $80 for one PF team). Please make checks out to "Stratford Schools." Lunch will be provided both days, and there will be snacks and drinks available for purchase with cash at the event.


Due to complications with the schedule because of the high number of entrants, double-entry will not be possible for any events. We will try to make a schedule to allow for double entry in the future.


For Novice Debate, we will have both Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas formats.


For Novice Speech, we will have Duo InterpHumorous InterpDramatic Interp, and Original Oratory formats. We will, however, be modifying the format rules to accommodate the younger age group that will be competing.


This tournament will be all digital. Rounds will be announced via e-mail and SMS, ballots will be tabulated digitally. Thus, it is imperative that students and judges have some way to access digital information. Students and judges should also register their e-mail and phone number (if applicable) with their tabroom account so that information gets pushed out in a timely fashion.

Judges should bring a tablet or laptop in order to make tabulating ballots easier and quicker, in addition to their phones. Phones will work for filling out ballots, but they are not ideal.