Marie Clegg Jones Memorial UVU

2020 — Orem, UT/US

2020 Marie Clegg Jones Memorial Tournament Invite


Thank you for your interest in the Marie Clegg Jones Memorial Tournament at Utah Valley University. We once again would like to thank Kevin Jones and the Marie Clegg Jones Foundation for sponsoring this year’s tournament which allows us to reduce the costs on this campus.


Thank you,


Jacob Neilson

Tournament Director, MCJ Tournament


Dates: January 24-25, 2020

Location: Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah


Events: Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Program of Oral Interpretation, Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Policy Debate, and Student Congress-Senate, Student Congress - House.


Due to the size of the tournament and the desire to accommodate as many schools as possible, there will be no double entry.

Extemp Themes are listed in the event descriptions.

Elimination rounds in Extemp will contain cross-examination.

Judges: 1 judge for every 8 IE/Congress entries

1 judge for every 4 LD/PF entries

1 judge for every 2 Policy entries


Very Important must read!!!!! Judges listed on Tabroom must be the judges attending as per University policy all adults who will be alone with minors will be cross-checked with the sex offenders registry. Those who do not pass this check will be escorted off campus by Campus Police. Thus we would like to have this done prior to judges arriving on campus.


Further Importance!!!! If your judges are not entered or no show, we will drop entries from your school without refund!!!


Fees:   $10 school fee

$4 per student

$25 for each round missed by a judge

$25 drop fee after the deadline (Thursday 23rd by NOON)


Food: Judges/Coaches- Light Snacks on Friday, Snacks, and Lunch on Saturday.

Students - Meals from various on-campus establishments and snacks will be available

for purchase


Pictures will be taken by a professional photographer throughout the tournament.

She will take free team pictures Saturday from 3:30 pm-5:30 pm and directly after the closing ceremony

Located on the main floor of the CB Building.


The student center will be made available for students including free billiards, table tennis, gaming consoles, and bowling. For Saturday afternoon only.

UVU Perspective Students will be providing Campus tours during this time at the wellness center. Please have your students take a tour.


Schedules:  IE/Debate Congress

Friday 3:00-3:30 pm   Registration Registration

3:30-3:45 pm Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony

4:00-6:00 pm Round 1

4:30-5:00 pm Prelim Caucus

5:00-8:00 pm Session 1

6:00-8:00 pm Round 2 8:00-10:00 pm Round 3


Sat. 8:00-10:00 am Round 4

9:00-12:00 am Session 2

10:00-12:00 pm Round 5

12:30-2:30 pm Elim 1 

1:00-1:30 pm Finals Caucus

1:30-4:30 pm Finals Session

2:30-4:30 pm Elim 2

4:30-5:30 pm Elim 3

6:00 pm  Awards Awards


Elimination Rounds will be based on the following:


Student Congress: more than 25 entries breaks to a Final

Debate: 2-6 entries = No Elim, 7-11 entries = Final, 12-23 entries = Semi-Final, 24-47 entries = Quarter-Final, 48 or more entries = Octo-Final

IEs: 2-16 entries = No Elims, 17-40 entries = Finals, 41-64 entries = Semi-Finals, 65 or more entries = Quarter-Finals


Parking - Buses need to park in Lot L8. Students may be dropped off there or at the bus stop behind the library.


Awards will be given based on entry numbers in a given event. Team Sweepstakes will be based on Entry size Top 3 for Large Entry and Top 3 for Small Entry will receive awards


CURRENT GUIDELINES for Laptop Use in Debate Events (This is the same as the 2020 National Tournament)

A. Computers equipped with removable wireless cards must have the cards removed before the beginning of any round of competition. It is the responsibility of the contestant to disengage the equipment.

B. Computers with built-in wireless capability may be used only if the wireless capability is disabled. It is the responsibility of the contestant to disable the equipment.

C. Wired connections (Ethernet or phone) during rounds of competition are not permitted.

D. Computers or other electronic devices may not be used to receive information from any source (coaches or assistants included) inside or outside of the room in which the competition occurs. Internet access, use of email, instant messaging, or other means of receiving information from sources inside or outside of the competition room are prohibited. (This does not prohibit non-electronic communication between debate partners during prep time.)

E. Penalty: Contestants found to have violated provisions A through C above will forfeit the round of competition and receive zero merit points. Contestants found to have violated provision D (above) will be disqualified from the tournament and will forfeit all rounds and merit points.

F. Availability of Evidence: Contestants electing to use computers have the responsibility to promptly provide a copy of any evidence read in a speech for inspection by the judge or opponent. Personal Printers may be used. Evidence may be printed in the round or produced electronically, but must be provided in a format readable by the opposing team and the judge.

G. Contestants electing to use computers are responsible for providing their own computers, batteries, extension cords, and all other necessary accessories. Tournament hosts will not be responsible for providing computers, printers, software, paper, or extension cords for contestants.

H. Because public speaking decorum remains an important element of the debate, all debaters are expected to stand at the front of the room facing the judge while speaking.

I. Contestants choosing to use laptop computers and related equipment accept the risk of equipment failure. Judges and/or contest directors will give no special consideration or accommodation, including no additional speech time or prep time, should equipment failure occur.

J. By choosing to use laptop computers in the round, debaters are consenting to give tournament officials the right to search their files. Debaters who do not wish to consent should not use computers in the round.