Strath Haven Middle School Big Questions

2019 — Wallingford, PA/US

Students in grades 6-8 from any school are welcome to attend! Cost is $5 per student, which includes lunch!

This year's national topic is Resolved: Humans are primarily driven by self-interest.

Students, individually or in pairs, will debate both sides of the topic during the tournament, presenting analysis and evidence to support that humans are or are not fundamentally different.

Big Questions is a great introduction to debate - no experience needed for debaters or judges! You can use the materials provided to debate without preparation, or write your own cases.

Please see the links at right for information about the Big Questions debate format. You can find more resources at

Tournament schedule:
Registration - 8:30-9am
Announcements - 9-9:15am
Round 1 - 9:30
Round 2 - 10:20
Round 3 - 11:20
Lunch - 12:00
Awards - 12:45