District III Speech Tournament

2019 — Nampa, ID/US

District 3 Speech will be hosted at Skyview High School on April 6th.



 Rules and Regs

1. At district and state tournaments, students may enter two events: one from Group A and one from Group B.
2. At district tournaments, schools may enter up to six contestants per event with a total number of 56 entries. 
3. Costumes and/or human assistance are not permitted in any speech event, including draw preparation.

4. All rounds at State Speech are open to observers
5. Visual /audio aids are permitted only in Sales Speaking and Informative Speech.
6. Contestants shall receive no outside assistance once the round has started. In draw events, contestants shall  receive no assistance during preparation time.
7. The use of real weapons, facsimiles thereof, or look-alikes is prohibited.

8. Since there is no double entry no student may be late to round or speak out of order without written permission from the tournament manager.

State Speech Representation

1. No more than the top 1/3, or any fraction thereof, of the entries that complete all rounds in an event at district speech will advance to State, provided each qualifier has an excellent or superior rating.

2. State qualifiers will be determined by a cumulative two or three-round ranking and rating. If a tie exists in the last qualifying position, both entries may advance.

3. Honest Effort: If a student does not finish all rounds at District, he/she may be included in the count used to determine the number of state qualifiers provided the tournament manager determines that the non-finish was due to emergency circumstances beyond the student’s control.

District-to-state Representation

1-3 = 1 qualifier

4-6 = 2 qualifiers

7-9 = 3 qualifiers

10-12 = 4 qualifiers

13-15 = 5 qualifiers

16-18 = 6 qualifiers

19-21 = 7 qualifiers

22-24 = 8 qualifiers

25-27 = 9 qualifiers

28-30 = 10 qualifiers