Telegraph Winter Invitational

2019 — Online, US

Speech and Debate can be expensive and time-consuming. Telegraph's Virtual Tournaments provide you with the rigors of national Speech and Debate competitions, while lowering the prices of those tournaments, and compensating our judges better than most tournaments would. 

Supervising, chaperoning and judging can be incredibly difficult for many coaches and parents.

By removing the costs associated with food, travel, and lodging, as well as tournament costs for staff, facilities and legal liability, Telegraph Speech and Debate can provide your students with cheaper national competitions without lowering the quality of their Speech and Debate rounds.


What we have to offer

We provide only experienced judging by former competitors. From the perspective of program directors, this is an incredibly easy to chaperone tournament and essentially guarantees that each student that competes receives 4 rounds with detailed and thorough feedback, for $60. If one of their competitors fails to show up, they receive $20 back from the tournament as a refund for the round that they missed.


There are no Live Updates

After you fill the competitors fill out their Student Waivers with their Gmail accounts, they will receive invites via Google Calendar with a link to their rounds on Google Hangouts.


Entry Fees

Each LD entry costs $60, plus a $20 Refundable No-Show Deposit which debaters surrender if they fail to log in to one of their rounds on time. If a competitor fails to show up to one of their rounds, their $20 Deposit is then given to the competitor that they were supposed to face in order to refund them for the round that they ended up not having. 

If a competitor shows up to all of their rounds, the $20 is then refunded back to the coach that registered them.



In order for competitors to get off the waitlist:

* The coach must also fill out this form.

* At least one parent per student must fill out this form.

* Each student must fill out this form.



We do not have judge obligations, but we do ask that you refer any available judges with debate experience to us. We will pay them $20 per LD round that they end up judging.



Saturday - February 23, 2019

10:00 AM Round 1 LD

11:00 AM Round 2 LD

12:00 PM Lunch

12:45 PM Round 3 LD

2:00 PM Round 4 LD



LD - Jan/Feb Military Aid topic