CEDA Nationals Long Beach

2019 — Long Beach, CA/US

Some quick campus notes as folks arrive:

If you have eduroam credentials, that will work on the campus of CSU Long Beach.  If not, you should use the BeachNet Guest network.  It will require you to register first, and likely will require you to re-login if you close your computer etc, so be sure to allow time for that.
Campus Layout

There's a campus map posted at right!

The tournament will primarily be held around LA1-5 and PSY.  The CAFE is where tournament meal cards will work for food. USU is where awards will be Saturday night.

The SRWC is the gymnasium where basketball will occur. For folks driving their own vehicles to the SRWC, it is strongly recommended you park in Lot G14. That is right next to the gymnasium.

Gender-Neutral Restrooms
FA1 and the USU each have gender-neutral, single-stall accessible restrooms on the first floor of the building.
Ride-Sharing to Campus
If you plan to use a ride-sharing app to get to and from campus, you should try and get dropped off at the round-about on South Campus Drive. The drop off point on West Campus Drive is also close to competition buildings, but there is construction going on there. It is still accessible, just may be more congested at certain points of the day. Both drop off locations (that you can select as destinations on Uber/Lyft/etc.) are indicated by blue arrows on the map.
Parking on Campus
On Thursday and Friday (April 4-5), parking is only available in General Lots (G Lots). Parking is "virtual" and you enter your license plate(s) on a kiosk located in the lot to pay for a permit. Do not park in Lot G15, as it is short-term parking only (2 hour max) and you have to pay every 2 hours to remain parked there. If you plan to park, it is strongly recommended you drop individuals off on West Campus Drive and then proceed to the G Lots by staying on West Campus Drive until it turns into Beach Drive. After passing a traffic light, turn right at the first stop sign to enter the G Lots. On Saturday (April 6), all "E Lots" become G Lots, so it is recommended you park in E7, E8, E9, E10, or E11. Paying for parking is the same, you'll use a virtual parking permit kiosk to enter your license plate information.