Frederick Fireball Student Congress

2019 — Frederick, CO, CO/US
We’re newbie friendly!
If you’re unsure how a Student Congress works, come check it out! One of the reasons I’m such a big proponent of Congress is that it’s an immediately accessible event. Here are a few reasons:
• As with any form of debate, research and evidence make for a strong speech, however an impassioned speech that draws on pathos can be equally effective, which means...
• Students can succeed with an acting, interp, or storytelling background just as easily as a student with experience in debate.
• Students are not required to speak, so may participate as little or as much as they’re comfortable with.
• Some students choose to only ask questions (which receive no score) until they’re comfortable, while others jump in with both feet and attempt to give as many speeches (scored) as possible.
I’ll have a “newbie packet” of information that goes into more detail and includes a table of parliamentary motions. If I can figure out how to get it up on Tabroom, I will, and I will also have some printouts available onsite.
If you are a SVVSD coach and you would like your students to participate but cannot be here yourself, you may register them and have them check in with me directly once they reach FHS. (Whether they arrive via parent driver or they apperate.)