JV States

2019 — Detroit, MI/US

Michigan Junior Varsity State Tournament Sponsored by Detroit Urban Debate Education January 18th – 19st, 2019 at Detroit Mumford High School 17525 Wyoming Ave, Detroit, MI 482216

You and your team are invited to attend the Michigan Junior Varsity State tournament on January 18th and 19th at Detroit Mumford High School! We are offering a policy junior varsity division, an policy novice division, and a middle school public forum division.

Policy Format: There will be five prelim rounds and elimination rounds based on the number of entries. The first two rounds will be preset and the following rounds will be based on records. There will be awards for all teams reaching elimination rounds and speaker awards given to the highest speakers in each division. Both divisions are UNRESTRICTED; DUDL evidence restrictions WILL NOT be enforced. Novices are defined as first year debaters. Policy rounds will be held on both days.

Public Forum Format: We are happy to announce for the second time we will be including a public forum division! The division is restricted to middle school debaters. Note that public forum rounds will only be held on Saturday. The public forum resolution is as follows, “Resolved: The United States federal government should prioritize reducing the federal debt over promoting economic growth.”

Judges: You must supply one judge for each four debaters in a division. For UDL teams, you must contact Reed Rosenbacher (rrosenb@umich.edu) to see which U of M, MSU, and WSU judges are already judging for the tournament and who is available to judge for your school.

All judges are required to judge one round beyond the elimination of their team from their tournament. This means all judges must be available for the first elimination round in each division.

Food: Dinner will be provided on Friday night and breakfast food and lunch will be provided on Saturday. Detroit Mumford High School will be supplying concessions for all debaters. All food proceeds will go to the Detroit Mumford High School debate team, so your support is appreciated!

Entry: Deadline for entry is Wednesday, January 16th at 4:00pm. All fees and judge commitments will be frozen at that time. To enter teams, simply sign up at Tabroom.com.

It is absolutely imperative that you send in the names of all competitors and judges by Wednesday night, Jan 16th, since we will be inputting the tournament entries and ordering trophies the next day.

Fees: Non-UDL schools: All 2 person teams will be $45.00 per team. Make all checks payable to “Detroit Urban Debate Education.”

UDL schools: Entry fees for UDL teams are covered by Detroit Urban Debate Education (DUDE) as a benefit of UDL membership. To obtain the UDL fee waiver, UDL coaches must enter teams prior to the

January 16th deadline and cover their judging commitment. Entries after the deadline or without ability to fulfill judging commitments cannot be accepted.

If you are having difficulties paying for the registration fee/supplying judges and can provide documentation of financial need, please email me at rrosenb@umich.edu

Forfeit: Please get to rounds on time. Make sure your judges and competitors know that there will be a 15 minute forfeit rule. If your students are not in their rounds by 15 minutes past the scheduled time for the round to begin, they will forfeit the round. Prep time will be built into the schedule.


POLICY Friday 2:15-3:00 Registration in auditorium/cafeteria area 3:05 General Meeting 3:30 Round 1 5:30: Dinner Break 6:30: Round 2

Saturday 8:00 Pairings Released 8:30 Round 3 10:30 Round 4 12:30 Lunch 1:30 Round 5 3:30 Awards/Announcement of Elimination Rounds 4:00 First Elimination Round 6:00: Second Elimination Round 8:00 (If necessary) Third Elimination Round

PUBLIC FORUM Saturday 8:00-8:30: Registration 8:30: Round 1 9:30: Round 2 10:30: Round 3 11:30: Round 4 12:30: Lunch 1:30: Awards/Announcement of Elimination Rounds 2:00 First Elimination Round 3:00 Second Elimination Round

We look forward to seeing you at the tournament!