Forest Lake Flake Stakes

2018 — Forest Lake, MN/US

Forest Lake invites you to debate at Flake Stakes on November 10th! We hope to run a fun, educational, and competitive tournament.

Registration will begin at 7:45 and closes at 8:15. Round 1 is scheduled to start at 8:30 for LD and PF. There will be two sessions of congress beginning at 9. Awards are scheduled to begin at 3:45.

We will be offering three rounds of impromptu. These will happen after rounds 3,4, and 5. Impromptu speech length will be 5 minutes, including prep time. We ask that you provide a judge for every four entries. PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH YOUR ENTRANTS AND JUDGES.

Send all inquires and registration fees to Kendrick Walton. Phone Number:612-961-3576 or email