GGSA Parli 1

2018 — Santa Rosa, CA/US

The first GGSA Parli tournament of the year will be held at Santa Rosa HS on Saturday, September 15. Santa Rosa High school is located here.


Entries are due by 5:00 PM on Friday the 7th of September. Drops made by Wednesday the 12th will only pay half of the entry fee. After that point they will pay the full entry fee.


*All judges must be entered on tabroom.

*All judges must have tabroom accounts with cell phone numbers and email addresses.

*When you enter your judges, be sure that you do so using the same email address that they use for their tabroom account. 

*Make sure that all judges know the email address and password for their tabroom account. This is sometimes a problem when coaches or students create a tabroom account for a parent judge.

*Please instruct all judges to bring a fully charged device to use to complete their ballots. They can bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The first two are better because they are easier to use, but it is still possible to use a smart phone.


You must check in by 8:00 AM to register your team