Registration Sandbox for FGCCFL

2018 — Tampa, FL/US

FGCCFL Registration Sandbox

Available through September 15

The FGCCFL Registration Sandbox isn’t actually a tournament. It is designed to give FGCCFL coaches the opportunity to practice using Tabroom for registration before the first real tournament. We encourage all coaches to take advantage of this opportunity.

Here's what you can do:

Optional: Print this page so you can follow along more easily.

1. Sign up for a Tabroom account and set up your school, if you haven’t already. For help, see <> and <>.

2. Make sure that your school is linked to the FGCCFL circuit.

3. Sign into Tabroom (or click your email address at the top of the screen). Add students and judges to your school using the “Competitors” and “Judges” tabs. Once you add a student or judge to Tabroom, you can register them for multiple tournaments without having to provide all the information again.

4. Go to <> and click on the Register tab. Agree to the disclaimer.

5. Use the “Entries” tab to add some student competitors. If you have students who will compete in Congress, we encourage you to add a Congress entry.

6. Use the “Judges” tab to add enough judges to cover your entry.

7. If you have Congress entries, use the “Legislation” tab to upload a piece of legislation (it can just be an empty bill or resolution template).

8. Go back to the “General” tab. Note the number of individuals—that’s how many lunches (student and judge) you’d be paying for at a real tournament. You can increase this number if, for example, you have observers.

9. Now go to the “Lunch” tab. Order regular and vegetarian lunches to equal the number of individuals from the previous step. Then order one more lunch of your choosing (that’s the coach’s lunch, which is complimentary).

10. Go back to the “General” tab once more. You can download your registration and invoice from the right side of the page.

This completes the registration process. You can go back and make changes up until the close of registration (9 p.m. on September 15 for the sandbox).

Questions about Tabroom? Contact Josh Schneider <>. Thank you!