NSD Camp Tournament

2018 — Minneapolis, MN/US

10 minute forfeit rule. And we're serious about it. We've had to enforce it every year. The schedule is very, very tight, and we do not have time to accommodate you if you fall asleep or overstay your meal break or get abducted by aliens. 


Camp Tournament Schedule



8:00 am Round 1

10:00 am Round 2

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Round 3

3:30 pm Round 4

5:15 pm Dinner

6:30 pm Round 5



8:00 am Round 6

11:00 am am Triple Octos (single flight)

Noon -  Lunch

1:00 pm Double Octos (double flight)

3:30 pm Octofinals (single flight)

5:00 pm Quarterfinals 

6:00 pm Dinner

6:45 pm Semifinals

8:15 pm Finals




 For the NSD Camp Tournament, each judge will be in the same space each round. There will not be rooms on the pairings. Rather, when you see who your judge is, look at this page to find out what room they are judging in.




Judging in…

Azbel, Ari

Middlebrook 1012

Azbel, Sam

Middlebrook 1035

Brown, Adam

Middlebrook 1033

Brown, Grant

Middlebrook 1018

Castillo, Chris

Middlebrook 1036

Chen, Matt

Middlebrook 12th Common Space

Datti, Abhilash

Blegen 145

De La O, Dino

Blegen 120

Evnen, Tom

Middlebrook Terrace

Ewing, Zoe

Middlebrook 9th Floor Common Space

Fennell, Katherine

Middlebrook 1029

Forrest, Jayanne

Blegen 105

Gilbert, Trent

Middlebrook 1113

Hu, Wes

Middlebrook 1038

Jonnalagadda, Chakra

Middlebrook 1011

Kang, Akum

Blegen 115

Khattak, Muhammad

Middlebrook 11th Floor Study Lounge

Koh, Ben

Blegen 125

Kopf, Kyle

12th Floor Study Lounge

Kurian, Michael

Blegen 140

Landau, Michael

Middlebrook 1231

Li, Kevin

Middlebrook 1015

McConway, Cameron

Middlebrook 1023

McCormick, Sean

Middlebrook 1017

McGinnis, Dave

Middlebrook 1121 (Tab Room)

McKinney, Evan

Middlebrook 1212

Melin, Jenn

Middlebrook 1043

Min, David

Middlebrook 9th Floor Study Lounge

Qiu, Tori

Blegen 330

Rieger, Carly

Middlebrook 1027

Sanghavi, Maya

Middlebrook 1021

Scopa, Stephen

Blegen 135

Stuckert, JP

Middlebrook 1037

Thorburn, Drew

Middlebrook 1016

Traber, Becca

Middlebrook 10th Floor Study Room

Wadhwa, Ananta

Blegen 335

Wang, Amber

Middlebrook 1028

Weiler, Reed

Middlebrook 1013

Welch, Tess

Middlebrook 1024

Wright, Kris

Blegen 110

Yoakum, Alex

Middlebrook 1031