I Have a Dream Classic

2019 — North Hills, CA/US

I sincerely regret to announce, that due to the pending Los Angeles Teachers' Strike, the 17th annual I Have a Dream Tournament must be cancelled.  We tried very hard to keep it afloat, but after a long meeting today with admin, union reps, and the district, we have no other option.  It would be unfair to keep the tournament on schedule on the hope that the labor dispute would be settled in time, given that many schools would be traveling fair distances.  I am so sorry to have to do this.  At this point, it seems not a matter of "if" LAUSD teachers will strike, but "when."  And "when" is increasingly looking like January 8.  Estimates are that the strike could last for 2 or more weeks.  We cannot risk keeping registration open and then cancelling at the last moment--that would be terribly irresponsible.

I am deeply sorry to cause my friends in the forensic community this disappointment and inconvenience.  This has become an annual event that we all look forward to.  I wish you all the happiest of holidays, and we will come back in 2020 better than ever!

With a heavy heart,

Kathy Graber, Monroe Speech & Debate Coach

CHSSA Area 3 Chair, TCFL Co-President