Lexington Winter Invitational

2012 — MA/US

Lexington HS

Host: Sara Sanchez

Route 128/Interstate 95 is the best approach from any direction. Exit 30 is the second Lexington exit, regardless of the direction you are coming from; it is marked ROUTE 2A. Follow ROUTE 2A EAST into Lexington. Travel for a little more than a mile until you reach the first FULL traffic light; there is a Dunkin' Donuts on this corner. Then turn left onto WALTHAM STREET; pass through another traffic light; Lexington High School is immediately on your left. Lexington is twelve miles from Boston's Logan International Airport. Southwest Airlines fly into Providence and Manchester (NH) airports -- they are each about 75 minutes' drive from Lexington, and the fares are very low. We are also 20 minutes' drive from a suburban Amtrak station. Contact us for further details