PCFL at Perkiomen Valley

2017 — PA/US

Perkiomen Valley High School

Host: Chris Berdnik

Gary asked that I get directions to schools about where to park and where to put the buses/vans.  PV has a swim meet on Saturday as well as the tournament, so we want to make sure we are all on the same page with regards to parking.
Drop off and Parking Instructions for Buses and other Drivers
Buses should enter the school on Campus Drive, either from the entrance on Route 29  or from the entrance on Kagey Rd.  
If entering from Route 29/Gravel Pike (Main/Front Entrance):   Proceed up High School drive, past the front of the school to the stop sign at High School Drive and Campus Drive (Football stadium  at 11:00, Baseball field at 4:00.)
Make a left on to Campus Drive and take the second left—Bus Drop off and Cafeteria entrance.  This is where you will drop off students and pick them up.
If entering from Kagey Rd:  Proceed down Campus Drive.  Evergreen Elem. will pass on right.  Proceed forward on Campus drive after the stop sign to the second right—the entrance to the Bus Drop off and Cafeteria.  This is where you will drop off students and pick them up.
All Buses:  Where to Park After Drop Off!!!  Proceed back to Route 29 Main/front entrance.  Make a right on Rt 29 and then an immediate right on Trappe Rd.  Turn right to enter the Student parking lot.  
Buses should park at the bottom of the student parking lot--(Rte 29/Gravel Pike side).
All Vans and Cars:  Exit the bus circle by turning right onto Campus Drive.  Take the next right into the main Teacher Parking lot.  Do not worry about the numbered spots. You may park anywhere.  Exit your car, and walk back up to the cafeteria entrance.