Clear Lake Falcon Classic

2021 — Clear Lake HS (Houston), TX/US
Field in Cross-Examination Debate
10 entries
School Location Entry Code Record
Fort Bend Christian TX/US Anderson & Zhang Fort Bend Christian AZ
Fort Bend Christian TX/US Norlander & Mayerfeld Fort Bend Christian NM
LV Hightower TX/US Ali & Patel LV Hightower AP
LV Hightower TX/US Desai & Gottipati LV Hightower DG
LV Hightower TX/US Nair & Lopez LV Hightower NL
LV Hightower TX/US Vakulabharanam & Chaudhary LV Hightower VC
North Shore TX/US Arredondo & Skinner North Shore AS
Pasadena TX/US Acosta & Rodriguez-Salazar Pasadena AR
Pasadena TX/US Rodriquez & Garza Pasadena RG
School Of The Woods TX/US Knight & Lawrence School Of The Woods KL