GBN Online Novice Scrimmage 2

2021 — NSDA Campus, US
Field in Novice Policy
39 entries
School Location Entry Code
Glenbrook North IL Beiko & Gibby Glenbrook North Beiko & Gibby
Glenbrook North IL Maisch & Zhou Glenbrook North Maisch & Zhou
Glenbrook North IL Amann & Tarsney Glenbrook North Amann & Tarsney
Glenbrook North IL Auriemma & Rosen Glenbrook North Auriemma & Rosen
Glenbrook North IL Gavrilyuk & Hsing Glenbrook North Gavrilyuk & Hsing
Glenbrook North IL Mistry & Brudenell Glenbrook North Mistry & Brudenell
Glenbrook North IL Arutcheva & Balaskas Glenbrook North Arutcheva & Balaskas
Glenbrook South IL/US Browning & Oh Glenbrook South Browning & Oh
Glenbrook South IL/US Neyman & Lien Glenbrook South Neyman & Lien
Glenbrook South IL/US Schafer & Sohn Glenbrook South Schafer & Sohn
Glenbrook South IL/US Kaminski & Fung Glenbrook South Kaminski & Fung
Glenbrook South IL/US Olujare & Desai Glenbrook South Olujare & Desai
Glenbrook South IL/US Zulfiqar & Webb Glenbrook South Zulfiqar & Webb
Glenbrook South IL/US Bellavia & Orsoo Glenbrook South Bellavia & Orsoo
Glenbrook South IL/US Blitz & Tantalidou Glenbrook South Blitz & Tantalidou
Glenbrook South IL/US Foster & Khandokar Glenbrook South Foster & Khandokar
Maine East IL/US Lorence & Usman Maine East Lorence & Usman
Maine East IL/US Mohammed & Khaden Maine East Mohammed & Khaden
Maine East IL/US Lorence & Zapolsky Maine East Lorence & Zapolsky
Marist GA/US Chavez & Johary Marist Chavez & Johary
Marist GA/US Abujawdeh & Garcia Marist Abujawdeh & Garcia
Niles West IL/US Tara & Huynh Niles West Tara & Huynh
Niles West IL/US Memon & James Niles West Memon & James
Niles West IL/US Jude & Ambrose Niles West Jude & Ambrose
Niles West IL/US Mandal & Sarris Niles West Mandal & Sarris
Niles West IL/US Hashlamoun & Ansari Niles West Hashlamoun & Ansari
Pace GA/US Marvin & Memar Pace Marvin & Memar
Pace GA/US Halpern & Smith Pace Halpern & Smith
Pace GA/US Goldberg & Mirza Pace Goldberg & Mirza
St Mark's School of Texas TX Cathey & Lee St Mark's School of Texas Lee & Cathey
St Mark's School of Texas TX Saye & Hughes St Mark's School of Texas Saye & Hughes
St Mark's School of Texas TX Allada & Kongara St Mark's School of Texas Allada & Kongara
St Mark's School of Texas TX Shepro & Dickson St Mark's School of Texas Shepro & Dickson
St Mark's School of Texas TX Williams & Rahman St Mark's School of Texas Williams & Rahman
USN TN/US Nachnani & Straus USN Nachnani & Straus
USN TN/US Cherry-Pulay & Rothman USN Cherry-Pulay & Rothman
USN TN/US Nichols-Loller & Molvig USN Nichols-Loller & Molvig
Woodward GA/US Iyengar & Masterson Woodward Masterson & Iyengar
Woodward GA/US McClean & Pamulapati Woodward McClean & Pamulapati