Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, PA/US
Field in Policy Debate
41 entries
School Location Entry Code Status Record
Baltimore City MD/US Daniels & Ervin Saidah Ervin
Bronx Science NY/US Chui & Eum Bronx Science CE
Bronx Science NY/US Diallo & Thiam Bronx Science DT
Bronx Science NY/US Miller & Samowitz Bronx Science MS
Calvert Hall MD/US Bennett & Shrestha Calvert Hall BS
Calvert Hall MD/US Chico & Pawley Calvert Hall CP
Cathedral Prep PA/US Vereb & Hutchinson Cathedral Prep VH
Charles Flowers MD/US Banjo & Makinde Charles Flowers BM
Dulles TX/US Agrawal & Ganesh Dulles AG
Edgemont NY/US Feldman & Sandhu Edgemont FS
Gilman MD Gallagher & Mackrell Gilman GM
James Logan CA Shaikh & Rawat Umar Shaikh
James Logan CA Hui & Ayyala James Logan HA
James Logan CA Mohanty & Wang James Logan MW
James Logan CA Nguyen & Sekandar James Logan NS
Kickapoo MO/US Montford & Kennedy Kickapoo MK
Leland CA/US Zhou & Lee Iris Zhou
Lexington MA/US Basu & Ou Lexington BO
Lexington MA/US Chen & Wang Lexington CW
Lexington MA/US Jain & Fu Lexington JF
Lexington MA/US Yang & Sreeprakash Lexington YS
Mamaroneck NY/US Land & Peters Maze Peters
Mamaroneck NY/US Blechman & Senders Mamaroneck BS
Mamaroneck NY/US Blechman & Tretiak Mamaroneck BT
Mamaroneck NY/US Gupta & Zimmmerman Mamaroneck GZ
Mamaroneck NY/US Miller & Rahman Mamaroneck MR
Mamaroneck NY/US Siegel & Miller Mamaroneck SM
McDonogh MD/US Jones & Na McDonogh JN
Minneapolis South MN/US Reehl & Gearhart Minneapolis South RG
Newark Science NJ/US Soares & Delgado Rengel Newark Science SD
Newark Tech NJ/US Deodatt & Williams Newark Tech DW
Newark Tech NJ/US Iwuoha & Afolabi Newark Tech IA
Oak Park and River Forest IL/US Ruland & Blasi Oak Park and River Forest RB
Pittsburgh Central Catholic PA/US Heller & Osth Pittsburgh Central Catholic HO
Riverdale Country NY/US Lipschultz & Biben Riverdale Country LB
Strath Haven PA/US Ding & Yu Strath Haven DY
TJ Independent VA/US Xie & Du TJ Independent XD
Unionville PA/US Wan & Patel Unionville WP
West HS SLC UT/US Aoki & Pai West HS SLC AP
West HS SLC UT/US Peterson & Sharma West HS SLC PS