The 34th Annual Klein High School Speech and Debate Tournament

2021 — Klein, TX/US
Field in Varsity Poetry
20 entries
School Location Entry Code
Caney Creek TX/US Alyssa Meier Caney Creek Alyssa Meier
Caney Creek TX/US Daniela Padilla Caney Creek Daniela Padilla
Caney Creek TX/US Gabriella Garcia Caney Creek Gabriella Garcia
Caney Creek TX/US Gethsemane Rubio Caney Creek Gethsemane Rubio
Caney Creek TX/US Adrianna Garzoria Caney Creek Adrianna Garzoria
Cypress Creek TX/US Tylha Petit-Frere Cypress Creek Tylha Petit-Frere
Houston MacArthur TX/US Aliyah Hall Houston MacArthur Aliyah Hall
Houston MacArthur TX/US Cirilo Perez Houston MacArthur Cirilo Perez
Houston MacArthur TX/US Joscelin Lozoya Houston MacArthur Joscelin Lozoya
Houston MacArthur TX/US Yolanda Montero Houston MacArthur Yolanda Montero
Houston MacArthur TX/US Jacquelyn Lozoya Houston MacArthur Jacquelyn Lozoya
Klein Collins TX Aria Segura Klein Collins Aria Segura
Klein Collins TX Karon Petty Klein Collins Karon Petty
Klein Collins TX Keyara Tarver Klein Collins Keyara Tarver
Mayde Creek TX/US Kailani Jones Mayde Creek Kailani Jones
Mayde Creek TX/US Kimberly Paniagua Mayde Creek Kimberly Paniagua
Nimitz TX/US Talyah Thomas Nimitz TT
Nimitz TX/US Tristian Davis Nimitz Tristian Davis
Tomball TX/US Mia McCloskey Tomball Mia McCloskey