1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy

2021 — NSDA Campus, GA/US
Field in Policy 1st Year
73 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Alpharetta HS GA/US Israel & Swann Alpharetta Israel & Swann
American Heritage Broward HS FL/US Kim & Wu American Heritage Broward Kim & Wu
Berkeley Preparatory School FL/US Flitman & Hernandez Berkeley Prep Flitman & Hernandez
Berkeley Preparatory School FL/US Ross & Sawar Berkeley Prep Ross & Sawar
Blue Valley Southwest High School KS/US Lloyd & Howerton Blue Valley Southwest Lloyd & Howerton
Carrollton School of the Sacred Hea FL/US Arvanitis & Roos Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Arvanitis & Roos
Carrollton School of the Sacred Hea FL/US Melgoza & Mestre Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Melgoza & Mestre
Cedar Ridge High School NC/US Lundberg & Derby Cedar Ridge/Brentwood Lundberg & Derby
Damien High School CA/US Martinez & Murphy Damien Martinez & Murphy
Georgetown Day School DC/US Orr & Song Georgetown Day Orr & Song
Greenhill School TX/US Diamond & Iyer Greenhill Diamond & Iyer
Greenhill School TX/US Faems & Tomecko Greenhill Faems & Tomecko
Greenhill School TX/US Joshi & Lee Greenhill Joshi & Lee
Greenhill School TX/US Kwei & Ou-Yang Greenhill Kwei & Ou-Yang
Greenhill School TX/US Srivastava & Xie Greenhill Srivastava & Xie
Head-Royce High School CA/US Barrie & Sood Head-Royce Barrie & Sood
Henry W Grady High School GA/US D'Agostino & Deo Henry W Grady D'Agostino & Deo
Jesuit College Prep TX/US Farragut & Hernandez-Hoffmann Jesuit Farragut & Hernandez-Hoffmann
Jesuit College Prep TX/US Gibson & Cutchall Jesuit Gibson & Cutchall
Jesuit College Prep TX/US Loh & Ma Jesuit Loh & Ma
LOGYC IL/US Kloster & Durbin LOGYC Kloster & Durbin
LOGYC IL/US Tracy-Hegg & Durbin LOGYC Tracy-Hegg & Durbin
Lexington HS MA/US Chen & Ramos Lexington Chen & Ramos
Lexington HS MA/US Lou & Jain Lexington Lou & Jain
Lexington HS MA/US Tipirneni & Wang Lexington Tipirneni & Wang
Lexington HS MA/US Wang & Katyal Lexington Wang & Katyal
Liberal Arts and Science Academy TX/US Rai & Ghatty Liberal Arts and Science Ghatty & Rai
Little Rock Central AR/US Baker & Mills Little Rock Central Baker & Mills
Mamaroneck High School NY/US Blechman & Velikov Mamaroneck Blechman & Velikov
Mamaroneck High School NY/US Miles & Wishner Mamaroneck Miles & Wishner
Mamaroneck High School NY/US Palmer & Siegel Mamaroneck Palmer & Siegel
Mamaroneck High School NY/US Senders & Wang Mamaroneck Senders & Wang
Mamaroneck High School NY/US Silverman & Szamrej Mamaroneck Silverman & Szamrej
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Barnard & Travis Montgomery Bell Barnard & Travis
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Golczynski & Bartell Montgomery Bell Golczynski & Bartell
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Howard & Smallwood Montgomery Bell Howard & Smallwood
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Seibels & Johnston Montgomery Bell Johnston & Seibels
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Maxwell & Turner Montgomery Bell Maxwell & Turner
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Royer & Keefer Montgomery Bell Royer & Keefer
Northview High School GA/US Heo & Pearson Northview Heo & Pearson
Northview High School GA/US Shariff & Alam Northview Shariff & Alam
Notre Dame High School CA/US Baker & Manoukian Notre Dame Baker & Manoukian
Notre Dame High School CA/US Chavez & Rawlins Notre Dame Chavez & Rawlins
Notre Dame High School CA/US Grisham & Kamyshnikov Notre Dame Grisham & Kamyshnikov
Notre Dame High School CA/US Kinsley & Loeser Notre Dame Kinsley & Loeser
Pace Academy GA/US Belinfante & Klingler Pace Belinfante & Klingler
Pace Academy GA/US Cannaday & Greenwald Pace Cannaday & Greenwald
Pace Academy GA/US Chambers & Foster Pace Chambers & Foster
Pace Academy GA/US Zinman & Williams Pace Zinman & Williams
Peninsula High School CA/US Chang & Kono Peninsula Chang & Kono
Peninsula High School CA/US Chen & Wang Peninsula Chen & Wang
Peninsula High School CA/US Donato & Stallkamp Peninsula Donato & Stallkamp
Pine Crest School FL/US Cepeda & Greyserman Pine Crest Cepeda & Greyserman
Pine Crest School FL/US Lewin & Whiteside Pine Crest Lewin & Whiteside
Pine Crest School FL/US Wurman & Norkin Pine Crest Wurman & Norkin
St. Mark's School of Texas TX/US Hohmann & Pietrzak St Mark's School of Texas Hohmann & Pietrzak
St. Mark's School of Texas TX/US Posten & Jin St Mark's School of Texas Posten & Jin
St. Mark's School of Texas TX/US Selinger & DaSilva St Mark's School of Texas Selinger & DaSilva
St. Mark's School of Texas TX/US Zhang & Wang St Mark's School of Texas Zhang & Wang
The Altamont School AL/US Denson & Stumpff Altamont Denson & Stumpff
Univ Of Chicago Lab School IL/US Booth & Cheema Univ Of Chicago Lab Booth & Cheema
Univ Of Chicago Lab School IL/US Kim & Shah Univ Of Chicago Lab Shah & Kim
Westminster GA/US Avasarala & Guo Westminster Avasarala & Guo
Westminster GA/US Overend & Parikh Westminster Overend & Parikh
Westwood TX/US Gundam & Sharma Westwood Gundam & Sharma
Westwood TX/US Martha & Schwarzenbach Westwood Martha & Schwarzenbach
Westwood TX/US Naveen & Polavaram Westwood Naveen & Polavaram
Westwood TX/US Prasanna & Ou Westwood Prasanna & Ou
Westwood TX/US Sathaye & Kota Westwood Sathaye & Kota
Woodward Academy GA/US Baudy & Patel Woodward Baudy & Patel
Woodward Academy GA/US Jain & Lemene Woodward Jain & Lemene
Woodward Academy GA/US Murthy & Mudaliar Woodward Murthy & Mudaliar
Woodward Academy GA/US Richmond & Song Woodward Richmond & Song