2020 — Discord, CA/US
Field in Lincoln Douglas
8 entries
School Location Entry Code
Buthaina CA/US Aakash Gupta Buthaina AG
Buthaina CA/US Aaryan Kainth Buthaina AK
Buthaina CA/US Shreeram Modi Buthaina SM
Buthaina CA/US Soohyuk Yoon Buthaina SY
Mishra Academy of Excellence CA/US Yash Mishra Mishra Academy of Excellence YM
Puffers Academy of Excellence CA/US Sidharth Kannan Puffers Academy of Excellence SK
Pummer 15 School of Not-Extinction CA/US Ben Freda-Eskenazi Pummer 15 School of Not-Extinction BF
Sunshine CA/US Siddharth Chattoraj Sunshine SC