The Conway at Gonzaga University

2020 — Spokane, WA/US
Field in Open CX
45 entries
School Locale Entry Code
CK McClatchy High School CA/US Brunell & Getahun CK McClatchy BG
CK McClatchy High School CA/US Christensen & White CK McClatchy CW
CK McClatchy High School CA/US Fleming & Spurlock CK McClatchy FS
CK McClatchy High School CA/US Tully & Pham CK McClatchy TP
Coeur D'Alene HS ID/US Witherwax & Strong Coeur D'Alene WS
Dowling Catholic HS IA/US Weinhardt & Haus Dowling Catholic WH
Eagle HS ID/US Caragio & Liu Eagle CL
Eagle HS ID/US Kurtz & Ward Eagle KW
Eagle HS ID/US Levanger & Wilde Eagle LW
Ferris High School WA/US Millar & Clough Ferris MC
Ferris High School WA/US Owen & Sposito Ferris OS
Flathead HS MT/US Anderson & Coulter Flathead AC
Flathead HS MT/US Edelen & Gapp Flathead EG
Flathead HS MT/US Owens & Sevaly Flathead OS
Garfield High School WA/US Kang & Hillman Garfield KH
Garfield High School WA/US Thomas & Lawson Garfield TL
Garfield High School WA/US Wen & Posey Garfield WP
Glacier HS MT/US Roston & Houseworth Glacier RH
Gulliver Prep FL/US Roades & Rovira Gulliver Prep RR
Gulliver Prep FL/US Vair & Levine Gulliver Prep VL
Heritage Hall School OK/US Salim & Ring Heritage Hall SR
Interlake HS WA/US Ahmed & Chen Interlake AC
Interlake HS WA/US Chen & Feng Interlake CF
Interlake HS WA/US Cai & Li Interlake CL
Interlake HS WA/US Nemani & Pal Interlake NP
Interlake HS WA/US Palanciuc & Qian Interlake PQ
Kamiak High School WA/US Hazelbrook & Xu Kamiak HX
Kamiak High School WA/US Ky & Entner Kamiak KE
Kamiak High School WA/US Lo & Kim Kamiak LK
Kamiak High School WA/US Lee & Lee Kamiak LL
Lewis and Clark High School WA/US Crowley & Benson Lewis and Clark CB
Lewis and Clark High School WA/US Ryplewski & Thompson Lewis and Clark RT
Nevada Union High School CA/US Noyes & Grandfield Nevada Union NG
Nevada Union High School CA/US Witt & Drew Nevada Union WD
OES OR/US Copp & Thammana OES CT
OES OR/US Jain & Papathanasopoulos OES JP
OES OR/US Tsai & Williams OES TW
Oak Hill School OR/US Antunes & Carrier Oak Hill AC
Oak Hill School OR/US Carrier & Hagen Oak Hill CH
Rosemont CA/US Waweru & Nguyen Le Rosemont WN
Saint George's WA/US Darnall & Dixon St George's DD
Saint George's WA/US Ravasia & Cunningham St George's RC
Timberline HS ID/US Gaddi & Smith Timberline SG
University HS WA/US Dawson & Heaton University DH
West Campus CA/US Morioka & Sidley West Campus MS