Niles Township Invitational

2018 — Skokie, IL/US
Field in Open Policy
76 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Chesterton HS IN/ Dibble & Hoham Chesterton DH
Dowling Catholic HS IA/ Piazza & Weinhardt Dowling Catholic PW
Dowling Catholic HS IA/ Scholz & Sisco Dowling Catholic SS
Evanston Twp HS IL/US Berkovich & Henderson Evanston Twp BH
Evanston Twp HS IL/US Clarke & Layden Evanston Twp CL
Glenbrook North IL/US Barber & Chen Glenbrook North BC
Glenbrook North IL/US Bowles & Miklovis Glenbrook North BM
Glenbrook North IL/US Bauer & Sun Glenbrook North BS
Glenbrook North IL/US Cheon & Johnson Glenbrook North CJ
Glenbrook North IL/US Chupack & Karteczka Glenbrook North CK
Glenbrook North IL/US Cheng & Seiler Glenbrook North CS
Glenbrook North IL/US Foster & Landsman Glenbrook North FL
Glenbrook North IL/US Jenkins & Razumov Glenbrook North JeRa
Glenbrook North IL/US Jacobs & Remish Glenbrook North JR
Glenbrook North IL/US Kastory & Ogranovich Glenbrook North KO
Glenbrook North IL/US Klinghofer & Sparacio Glenbrook North KS
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Alkas & Chung Glenbrook South AC
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Bhaiji & Frese Glenbrook South BF
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Dickinson & Gallagher Glenbrook South DG
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Goldberg & Kosack Glenbrook South GK
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Majeed & Brower Glenbrook South MB
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Rudolph & Schuler Glenbrook South RS
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Subade & Dickinson Glenbrook South SD
Glenbrook South HS IL/US Skoulikaris & Heublein Glenbrook South SH
H.H. Dow High School MI/US Reza Husain & Wang H.H. Dow RW
Homestead HS WI/US Gao & Wang Homestead GW
Homestead HS WI/US Klemmer & Wei Homestead KW
Homewood-Flossmoor High School IL/US Butvilas & Moore Homewood-Flossmoor BM
Jones College Prep IL/US Doppalapudi & Chin Jones CP DC
Jones College Prep IL/US Dworkin-Cantor & Eimer Jones CP DE
Jones College Prep IL/US Weinstein & Korey Jones CP WK
Kennedy HS IL/US Stamenkovic & Perez Kennedy SP
Maine East HS IL/US Monical & Mani Maine East MM
Maine East HS IL/US Piekut & Piekut Maine East PP
Maine East HS IL/US Sobski & Shah Maine East SS
Marquette Univ HS WI/US Tierney & Medeiros Marquette Univ TM
Minneapolis Washburn HS MN/US Braun & Jarcho Minneapolis Washburn BJ
New Trier High School IL/US Cao & Peng New Trier CP
New Trier High School IL/US Goldstein & Lim New Trier GL
New Trier High School IL/US Hecht & McDonough New Trier HM
New Trier High School IL/US Jo & Wittenmyer New Trier JW
New Trier High School IL/US Kang & Van Til New Trier KV
New Trier High School IL/US Lu & Richardson New Trier LR
New Trier High School IL/US Roytburg & Sussman New Trier RS
New Trier High School IL/US Roytburg & Tobon New Trier RT
Northside College Prep IL/US Bariso & Maldonado Northside College Prep BM
Northside College Prep IL/US Chen & Chun Northside College Prep CC
Northside College Prep IL/US Costell & Katz Northside College Prep CK
Northside College Prep IL/US Cavanaugh & Wilson-Voss Northside College Prep CW
Northside College Prep IL/US Kucher & Sodini Northside College Prep KS
Northside College Prep IL/US Larson & Sparks Northside College Prep LS
Northside College Prep IL/US Sung & Wang Northside College Prep SW
Northside College Prep IL/US Hernandez & Torres Northside College Prep TH
Oak Park and River Forest IL/US Shafiro & Griffith Oak Park and River Forest SG
Okemos High School MI/US Rathod & Zin Okemos RZ
RTC Medical Preparatory High School IL/US Cunningham & Abrams RTC Medical Prep CA
Solorio Academy HS IL/US Guzman & Gaytan Solorio GG
Solorio Academy HS IL/US Garcia & Mendez Solorio GM
Solorio Academy HS IL/US Gaytan & Urquizo Solorio GU
Solorio Academy HS IL/US Melero & Uribe Solorio MU
Solorio Academy HS IL/US Rodriguez & Gutierrez Solorio RG
Solorio Academy HS IL/US Vazquez & Martinez Solorio VM
South MN/US Chang-Deutsch & Jahn-Vaurus South CJ
South MN/US Ferguson & Phi South FP
South MN/US Kaiser-Holt & Hirsi South KH
Thomas Kelly High School IL/US Carmona & Nhan Thomas Kelly CN
Thomas Kelly High School IL/US Cai & Rodriguez Thomas Kelly CR
Thomas Kelly High School IL/US Vazquez & Centeno Thomas Kelly VC
Von Steuben IL/US Griffin & Aguero Von Steuben GA
Walter Payton College Prep IL/US Aneesh & Lawless Walter Payton CP AL
Walter Payton College Prep IL/US Hemingway & Paranikas Walter Payton CP HP
Walter Payton College Prep IL/US Konow & Vanderslice Walter Payton CP KV
Walter Payton College Prep IL/US Rivera & Yang Walter Payton CP RY
Whitney M. Young Magnet High School IL/US Hammond & Mazets Whitney Young HM
Whitney M. Young Magnet High School IL/US Margolin & O'Malley Whitney Young MO
Wylie E. Groves HS MI/US Bagdon & Rajagopalan Wylie E. Groves BR