NCFL Grand Nationals

2018 — DC/US


Abbreviation DEC
Format Speech
Entry Fee $50.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Please drop off this ballot at the Tabroom after the round1. The selection in this category must have been actually delivered in real life as a speech by a speaker other than the present contestant. Selections may include, but are not limited to professional speeches, public orations, former competition speeches, eulogies, sermons, etc. The introduction must name the work and author and describe the actual circumstances under which the speech was originally presented. 2. The original speaker’s words may not be altered for this presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted. 3. The speech must be memorized. 4. The presentation should not exceed 10 minutes, including at most one minute of introduction and transitional material other than the author’s words. Judges may not award first place to any contestant speaking beyond the thirty-second grace period. 5. Any questions regarding rules infringement should be brought to the attention of the Tabulation Room Staff immediately after the round, and not to the student. 6. This event is limited to 9th and 10th grade students.