NFL Virginia States

2009 — VA/US

Congress House 1

Abbreviation Haus1
Format Congress
Entry Fee $1.00
Overall Entry Limit 30
Entry Limit Per School 3
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

* All entrants must be NFL members* Congress counts toward a separate Congress Qquota (not the Speech/Debate Quota)* Affiliates can only enter two students, total, in the House.As Congress is a completely separate quota from the NFL Speech/Debate quota, we STRONGLY encourage a school to fill its entry quota for Congress... most especially the House.Congress rounds will be scheduled throughout the tournament to allow easy cross-entry.Make sure that you balance-out your entries in the Houses. For example, if you have 2 entries, one should be in each House. If you have 3 entries, one should be in each house. If you have over 3 entries in the House, you need to balance-out the entries as much as possible (e.g. max of 2/ House if you can register 4-6, max of 3/ House if you can register 7-9).