McCool Junction Speech Tournament

2023 — McCool Junction, NE/US

Humorous Impromptu

Abbreviation IMPROM
Format Speech
Entry Fee $7.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

ANALYSIS OF TOPIC Is the purpose made clear? Is there a clear thesis? Does the contestant stick to the general and exact purpose of the topic? Is the purpose achieved?

ORGANIZATION Is there an effective introduction? Is there an organized body that is appropriate to the purpose of the topic? Are transitions used? Is the organization clear? Is there an effective conclusion?

SUPPORTING MATERIAL Is the material humorous? Does the humor support the thesis? Is the humor in good taste? Is the material more than a stand-up comedy routine?

LANGUAGE & DELIVERY Is the language direct and informal? Is there a conversational approach? Is the delivery humorous? Is there evidence of good deliver technique?

TOTAL EFFECTIVENESS Is the audience left with a feeling of completeness? Has the audience been entertained? Does the contestant ultimately answer the question posed?