John McClellan Spring Fling

2018 — GA/US
Subject Spring Fling
Sender Robert Walker
Recipients All Registrants of John McClellan Spring Fling
Sent Friday 13 April 2018 at 8:26 AM
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We are excited and ready to see you tomorrow. A few reminders

Bracknell be here at 9 to start NPF everyone else here around 9:45 I will release round one at 10. (Might release extemp a little early) 

We will not be offering lunch. We have some concessions for sale (drinks and chips and things like that) but nothing with protein. You will need to go of campus for lunch or have it ordered to the school. We will have a one hour lunch break. 

We will probably not host a final round in anything other than impromptu and even then we will look at what the break looks like. If the top 7 in impromptu are clear after 4 rounds I will ask the coaches involved and see what the decision is there. 

Congress will be using april legislation, we will have open chambers so encourage students to drop in. 

All Registrants of John McClellan Spring Fling