Novice Round Up

2018 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject NRU - entries/schedule
Sender Tim Mahoney
Recipients All Registrants of Novice Round Up
Sent Thursday 19 April 2018 at 10:00 AM
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 Novice round up is a week away - please solidify your entries. I thought I was going to do the schedule today but then saw we went from 27 to 25 entries which is the difference between 7 teams in a pod to an awkward number. I have one team I could put in to get us to 28 which would have been 4 7 team pods but I'm not sure I have 3.

If we get one more drop we will have 4 6 team pods which is a different schedule.

Especially if you have TBA's please lock it down.





All Registrants of Novice Round Up