Fort Atkinson Friday

2018 — Fort Atkinson, WI/US
Sender Dan Hansen
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Sent Thursday 22 March 2018 at 8:00 AM
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Greetings coaches!


We're looking forward to hosting you at Fort Atkinson on Friday. 

This year's tournament is a little small and it means we'll be doing some scheduling a little different; thus, I wanted to let you know about it in advance.  We have a few categories that are "duels" - as in they have two entries (from different schools).  This is fine - we're happy to have them duke it out and take home the appropriate trophy.  From a judging and scheduling standpoint, it's a little awkward.  SO - we will be "flighting" some small sections.  This just means that a judge may find they have two different categories of 2-3 competitors in their room.  Judge one and fill out the ballot, then do the same for the second category.  This will only apply to small divisions, so the tournament will still run on time.  In fact, if tabroom and I get along well, I think we will run early.  It's probably up to prose, let's be honest here.


When you get here, the main door takes you right into our commons.  The tab room is the library straight ahead, and we will have a table for registration near its entrance.  


Please remember to text Dan at 262-378-0567 when you are on your way with your teams and if you have any drops.

All Registrants of Fort Atkinson Friday