West Bend West Forensics

2018 — WI/US
Subject Thursday update
Sender John Knetzger
Recipients All Registrants of West Bend West Forensics
Sent Thursday 8 March 2018 at 10:29 AM
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Good Morning,

A few details for this weekend.

1. Key Rooms:

    Students should go to the West Cafeteria upon arrival.

    Judges should go to the West Library.

    Extemp/Radio Draw is in X25, just outside the East Library.  Draw will begin by 8:15, sooner if possible.

    Registration/Tab/Ballot Drop off is in the East Library.  


2. Codes  are available.  If you have printed something before today, please get rid of it and print them again.  Click on the entry button and look at the right.  You'll see the option to view/print your registration.  You student codes will be there.  Again, if you printed that previously, please print it again.  This is also a great chance to double check your registration to make sure you've registered kids for the right categories.

3. Saturday morning text-in.  If you have drops or not, we need to hear from you by 7:15.

    If you have no drops, the easiest thing to do is to log in and click on the "confirm onsite" button.  Follow the directions and you'll be checked in with no need to text us.

If you do send a text message to say "Howgwarts All Present" or "Oxford Drop 007 Bond", send one to Tiffany at 608-121-1489 or Dani at 262-305-7818.  They will text you back within 10 minutes.  If you don't hear from them, text them again.

4. Please invite your judges to try out online balloting one more time.  Right now about 1/3 of the pool is signed up and we'd love to raise that number.  The district as an open WiFi in the building that works well.

5. In addition to posting copies of the schedules, we'll be posting them online and blasting them out to anyone who has a linked tabroom account.  If your students have one, they will be able to not only get their schedules, they will have access to their online critique sheets following the tournament.

6. We're close to full.  If you have a last minute entry, please get it in ASAP so we can try to fit them in.







All Registrants of West Bend West Forensics