West Bend West Forensics

2018 — WI/US
Subject Monday update
Sender John Knetzger
Recipients All Registrants of West Bend West Forensics
Sent Monday 5 March 2018 at 5:18 PM
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Good evening,


Before the latest batch of Winter descends upon the area, I wanted to get a quick dispatch out to you.


1. As you might have seen, we've got a waitlist.  All additional entries will start there.  I'm working to admit as many as possible, without creating rooms in stairwells or forcing sections of 8.  That work takes time and your patience is appreciated.


2. We will again feature online balloting.  I've received so much great feedback that I want to encourage you and your judges to give it a try.  


3. In addition to posting a paper copy of the schedule, it will be online at west.tabroom.com.  Even better, your students can get a text with their assignments by creating a tabroom account and linking it up.





All Registrants of West Bend West Forensics