Beaver Battles

2019 — Beaver High School, UT/US
Subject Preparing "Old School Congress" Legislation for Beaver Battles!
Sender Von Christiansen
Recipients All Registrants of Beaver Battles
Sent Tuesday 8 January 2019 at 9:53 AM
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We expect this year's "Beaver Battles" competition on Jan. 19 to be as good as ever!

One thing you can do to help things run smoothly is to preview and approve the legislation your students will be using for "Old School Congress." As you know, at Beaver Battles we invite students to create their own legislation (rather than relying on the UDCA approved bills) and we are excited to see the fun and thought-provoking legislation your students generate!  Nevertheless, as coaches you still need to be involved in the process of helping the kids prepare.

Once the bill is ready to go and has your stamp of approval, remind your student to make about 25 copies to share with the other students on the day of the tournament.

Good luck! 

We look forward to hosting you.

All Registrants of Beaver Battles