Peninsula Invitational

2019 — Rolling Hills, CA/US
Subject Email #9 - Logistics
Sender Scott Wheeler
Recipients All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational
Sent Friday 11 January 2019 at 12:48 PM
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1-Registration will be today at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach from 4-10 PM. Schools that have pre-paid can use the on-site registration feature on Tabroom. If you have not paid and have debate entries and you are unable to physically come to registration you must contact me DURING the registration window and confirm all of your entries and judges are present.


2-Prefs for varsity LD and policy and strikes for varsity PF and parli can be completed until 5:00 PM. Please also make sure you have conflicts entered. You should conflict those with whom your school or students have a prior relationship that a reasonable person would believe makes them partial toward your students.

3-I have a dozen or so emails with swaps and drops that I haven't gotten to yet that I probably won't address until after 4. At this point judge name changes will likely not be honored because most teams have completed prefs and strikes.


4-Wifi instructions from our campus IT department are at the bottom of this email, but you can probably figure it out without them.


5-I will send out another logistics email tonight that has what buildings will house each event. We don't have the gym this year, unfortunately, but we have the library and south dance room for warm rooms on Saturday (I will send out Sunday warm room info tonight). It should also be warmer this year and there are lots of places around campus to congregate as well. Awards will be in the Performing Arts Center. Tabroom this year will be in the counseling office. There is a campus map that is now on the Tabroom tournament page.


6-Like last year, there will be a farmer's market in the student parking lot on Sunday. Please do not park in that lot or leave your car their overnight. The other three parking lots will be open (but are smaller), and there is parking along Silver Spur directly in front of the school. Tomorrow you can park anywhere on campus.


PvnetGuest Wi-Fi Instructions

1.       Connect to PvnetGuest wireless network.

2.       Using any internet browser, navigate to or

a.       You will then be redirected to the registration portal.

3.       Select the Guest Registration (bottom link).

4.       Fill out the form and then submit. Any item marked with an asterisk (*) is required.

5.       WARNING: On the next page, the Username and Password fields will be filled automatically. Do not change any information. Click/Tap Request Guest Access.

6.       The next screen will have a blue loading bar. Allow it to load completely and then close the browser completely.

7.       You should now be able to access the internet.

a.       If it does not work, try each of the following steps: deleting temporary internet files, clearing browser cache, and restarting the device.


See everyone soon.



All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational