Peninsula Invitational

2019 — Rolling Hills, CA/US
Subject Email #9: General Congress Updates for Congress Competitors
Sender Jeff Ramdass
Recipients Schools registered for Peninsula Invitational with entries in: Congress Congress PO
Sent Wednesday 9 January 2019 at 7:26 PM
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Hello Coaches,

Here are some updates regarding Student Congress for this weekend’s Peninsula Invitational Tournament.

1.      There will be 4 preliminary chambers of 14-15 students each.

a.       The top 4 students from each chamber will advance to a final round, and final round ranks will determine your competitor’s final ranks.

b.      Preliminary chambers are posted as of this email, and specific room assignments will be posted Saturday morning. You can access chambers both as a PDF on the pairings page on and by checking the pairings page itself.

c.       There will not be a parliamentarian in the room. Contact the tab room directly if there are any issues in preliminary rounds.

2.      Congress judge assignments for preliminary rounds will be posted for the day at 10 AM on Saturday.

a.       Congress students may go to their chambers at 10 AM to handle pre-round business (e.g., docket creation and overall setup).

b.      POs should report to the Judges’ Room at 10 AM to receive their preliminary round assignments for the day.

c.       Congress judges should meet in the Judges’ Room at 10 AM for a brief judging meeting to discuss norms for this weekend’s tournament and to receive their preliminary-round assignments for the day.

3.      Due to judge constraints, the following judge process will in place for this weekend’s tournament:

a.       Each preliminary round will be judged by 3 judges.

b.      Judges will judge all students in the round—including students from their own school. We will do our best to ensure that each chamber has as diverse of a judge pool (by school) as possible.

c.       To mitigate both positive and negative judge bias, each student’s highest and lowest score will be dropped. This means that the middle 7 ranks will determine preliminary round placement, and the top 4 students based on this method will advance to the final round.

d.      Judges for the final round will be clean.

4.      Regarding presiding officers:

a.       There are currently 5 students who are registered as a presiding officer. Presiding officers will rotate between rooms in preliminary rounds, and the top 2 presiding officers will compete head-to-head in the final round.

b.      The first-place presiding officer will receive an award for the “Best Presiding Officer” of the tournament.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We are looking forward for this weekend’s tournament!



Schools registered for Peninsula Invitational with entries in: Congress Congress PO