Peninsula Invitational

2019 — Rolling Hills, CA/US
Subject Email #3 - hotel, congress, waitlists
Sender Scott Wheeler
Recipients All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational
Sent Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 11:27 AM
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Hotel: The block closes this Friday, 12/14. Please reserve your rooms at this link: I think it's nearly full so if you try to book and are unsuccessful let me know and I'll talk to our person. Since it's not so far ahead I'd rather just expand it by the actual rooms needed rather than doing a larger expansion.

Congress: I've updated the schedule to include three preliminary rounds and a final round (below). The first round of Congress will now start alongside round two of parli and public forum. Please send in legislation. The original due date was 12/13. I might have a little give on that but I plan to have legislation up by the original date of 12/20 when parli topic areas go up.

10:45 Congress round 1

1:00 Lunch

1:30 Congress round 2

4:00 Congress round 3

6:30 Congress finals

Waitlists: At this point we can accommodate everyone on the waitlist. If your entries are on the waitlist it means you have not either 1) entered judges or 2) requested hired judges. Please do one of those and I will clear them. The ratio of entries on the waitlist got slightly better last week but it could still improve. I believe I have cleared every covered entry but if you think I missed you let me know and I'll fix it.



All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational