Peninsula Invitational

2019 — Rolling Hills, CA/US
Subject Email #2 - waitlists and hotel block cont'd
Sender Scott Wheeler
Recipients All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational
Sent Monday 3 December 2018 at 10:01 AM
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The second tournament email contains the same two items as the first email, but half the people who are now registered weren't registered a week ago, so it seems like a good time to fill people in.


Waitlist: About 70% of our entries are currently waitlisted. I'm getting emails asking if we are full because we have so many people on the waitlist. We are not full. If you aren't registering people because you think we are full, go ahead and register them. So far my policy for clearing people off the waitlist is that I immediately clear all entries as soon as 1) judging is covered, 2) hired judging is requested. If we have another week like the last one I may have to revise that but I do think that everyone will be able to come this year that wants to. Please enter your judges or request hired judging, though. I'd like to get a better sense of where we are at. If you plan to bring judging but haven't confirmed your people that's of course understandable. If you've been putting off checking in with people, though, it would be helpful if you could do that now. If you plan to hire out, we can probably accommodate all hire requests but it definitely helps to know earlier. It would be amazing if that 70/30 waitlist percentage flipped in the next week, especially in debate events.


Hotel block: Our block is only like 2/3 full and it closes 12/14. Last year it was well full by this point and I had expanded the number of rooms (with the exception of Thursday night for which I had mistakenly reserved too many). If you plan to stay there, can you please reserve your rooms? Also, if you plan to stay in a hotel at all, please do stay there. It's a really nice hotel--a four star Marriott that, with the block rate, is the same price or less than the TowncourtplacehomesuitesbyMarriottorwhatever hotels in the area I briefly considered making the tournament hotel before I went to this one and saw it was way better. Monday rounds are also there so if you have LD or policy entries it seems like a given that you'd want to. You can reserve rooms at
If you need to reserve more than 8 rooms, email me and I can put you in touch with the right person.

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing everyone in just over a month now.


All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational