Peninsula Invitational

2019 — Rolling Hills, CA/US
Subject: Email #1 - hotel block and waitlists
Sender Scott Wheeler
Recipients All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational
Date 20 November 2018 8:39 AM

Text of message:

We’re about seven weeks away and it seems like time for the first logistical email.

1-Waitlist: I’ve let in every entry that is either covered by judges or has requested judging. That being said, most entries are still on the waitlist. Teams were a little better about entering judges last year. A lot of schools now still haven’t. I’m assuming most are still bringing judges unless you request hires. Right now entries are about 25% higher than they were at this point last year. We have more availability with our new schedule that starts on Saturday, though (and fingers crossed but I think we’re going to be able to have the P building all day Saturday). So, at this point I’m confident we won’t be turning people away. That being said, do please get your entries in (even if it means TBAs) and do enter judges or request hired judging. I’m starting to hire judges now and we should be able to cover all requests. In addition to judging, having a better read on our numbers will help with logistical things like trophies, etc.

2-Hotel: Please book your rooms. The block closes on 12/14. The link is Remember that this year Monday policy and LD rounds will be at the hotel. It’s the same hotel as last year—quite nice and cheaper than other hotels in the area. I think I did a better job of gauging which nights people will want rooms this year. Instead of reserving the same number each night there are more Saturday night than anything else. Let me know if you run into issues. If you need to book more than 8 rooms you should contact our hotel contact Elissa Schneider (Hotel 310-316-3636/Direct 310-543-6078/ Reservations of 8 rooms or less can be done through the online link or by calling the Marriott 800 line.

Thanks and hope everyone has a nice and well-deserved break this week.


All Registrants of Peninsula Invitational