NSCTA State Debate Championships

2018 — Lincoln, NE/US
Subject Tuesday Email -- State Debate
Sender Toni Heimes
Recipients All Registrants of NSCTA State Debate Championships
Sent Tuesday 20 March 2018 at 8:39 AM
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Hello -- 

Today's email will focus on two things.  

1.  Fancy Friday --

It is tradition that all debate coaches "dress up" on Friday.  We will take a picture of all coaches before the first round on Friday.  

2.  Judges --

If you have Saturday only judges, it is imperative that you try to find someone to cover Friday.  At this point, it will be almost impossible to schedule rounds on Friday.  There will be no MJP in any event due to our lack of flexibility with the judge pool.  I do not like to use NSCTA's money to hire judges -- this is not my tournament. Filling the pools with LSW judges in Congress or other events does not work since we are also competing.  I need your help with this.  If you are a coach who is not judging, you may consider putting yourself in the pool for the greater good.  If you are a coach and are short on Friday judges, you need to put yourself in the pool if only for Friday.  

Congress Judges -- I am tragically short on Congress judges.  Since we do not have an overwhelming number of judges in other pools and we have three houses, we need more judges.   If you have judges who can actually judge your students in those houses, please let me know.  We also need to keep the two students from each school in a house standard, so this also hurts my flexibility with judges.  

Remember to not arrive at LSW before 2:15.  I want to be done with registration before 2:45.  

Tomorrow's email will focus on specific facility logistics and rules specific to the state debate tournament.

Thanks -- Toni


All Registrants of NSCTA State Debate Championships