KESDA Senior

2018 — Lexington, KY/US
Subject: KESDA 2018 Fall Board Meeting Minutes
Sender Ed Smith
Recipients All Registrants of KESDA Senior
Date 11 December 2018 2:31 PM

Text of message:


2018 KESDA Fall Board Meeting




The KESDA Board of Directors met on December 2.  Those participating included Dr. Ed Smith, Betsy Smith, Rachel Retherford, Kellie Crump, Mary Allen, and Helen Williams.




*In order to even out flights and solve some of the judging problems, the Board adopted a new set of flights for KESDA Senior and KESDA Junior.




New Flights for Senior:


Flight A: Informative, Impromptu, HI, POI, Poetry


Flight B: Extemp, DI, Dec, Improv, Story


Flight C: OO, Broad, Duo Interp, Prose, Congress




PFD will have a round at 3:00 on Thursday and then compete during the Group time slot.  If a 5th round of PFD is needed, it will take place Saturday morning.




New Flights for Junior:


Flight A: Public, Interp of Lit, Broad., Solo


Flight B: Extemp, Poetry, Story, Improv. Prs.


Flight C: Dec, Prose, Duet, Impromptu




Congress and Group will continue to have their own time slot.


We recognize that KHSSL is now offering DI and HI instead of Interp of Lit/Solo, but we will not to follow suit until 2020.




*While this is not a requirement, students in Congress are strongly encouraged to submit new legislation for KESDA.




*KESDA will be offering a contest for short (30-60 seconds) films on the value of forensics.  Details will be forthcoming.




*Our goal for Congress is to have two judges for each session.  Therefore, we need all coaches to be prepared to judge it.  (Your team judges will not be required to be in the Congress judge pool.)  We’d love to see this valuable event grow, and educating coaches is a great place to start!  We will be sending out helpful information on the event.  Should this be a burden, however, we are prepared to go back to one judge.




*In order to recognize more students, both KESDA Senior and KESDA Junior will be offering at least one Non-Advancing Novice final.  We anticipate doing an interp final consisting of the top two non-advancing novices in Prose, Poetry, and P.O.I.  If numbers in prepared speaking events are strong enough, we will try to have a round for those novices, too.  Coaches will be responsible for marking all novices (first year speech students) on Tabroom before the tournament begins.




*For the first time in a few years, we will be offering an experimental event at both Junior and Senior.  The Ad Game is improv and promises to be unique and fun as the competitors team up with students from other teams.  The Ad Game will run during Group.  Because it does not count for sweepstakes, students may enter it in addition to their five Senior events/four Junior events.




The Ad Game:  A Mixed Improv Group Competition

Students who compete in this event will be placed in a group comprised of four other students from different schools.  Student will stay in this group for the entire competition.    Groups will be created so that there is maximum diversity in terms of number of schools in the group.  

Each group will draw a slip of paper from Pile A and a slip from Pile B.  
Pile A will consist of ordinary items (toothbrush, car jack, phone, etc.)
B will consist of “special properties” (forces you to tell the truth, allows you to see into the future, etc.).  

Pile A and Pile B are then combined into a product for which the group will then develop an advertising campaign.  

Once the group has it’s product (a toothbrush that forces you to tell the truth), members will need to brainstorm an ad campaign that includes the following:
name of the product
tagline for the product
spokesperson for the product
a jingle/song for the product

Once these elements have been decided, the group combines them all in a commercial for the product.

Group members must use the key rule of improv:  “Yes, And…”  This means that every idea offered by a member is enthusiastically embraced and agreed on with a “Yes!” and then followed immediately by someone else adding to that idea/developing it further with the “And….”

Groups will be judged on their ability to include everyone in the group, use of “Yes, And…”, and how well the individual elements of the ad campaign are integrated into the final commercial.  

Groups will have a total of five minutes.  They can use paper and pen to keep notes, and can use any chairs and tables in the room.  The commercial itself should not run more than :45 seconds of the total five minutes.  

Awards will be given to the top six groups at the awards banquet. This event will not count toward team sweepstakes.


*This year we will be awarding a modest college scholarship to the Pentathlon champion.




*The prohibition on using contest speeches in declamation has been removed.




All Registrants of KESDA Senior